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 Swank Law Offices is an Armstrong-county based law firm serving Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Indiana, Jefferson and Westmoreland Counties that has extensive experience with criminal law, especially DUI defense; family law including grandparent custody cases; construction disputes and civil litigation; and more. Our office prides itself on detail-oriented case review and compassionate yet aggressive representation. 


No matter what you’re facing, we are here to help. Chances are, if you’re looking for a lawyer, you’ve got a lot on your mind. We can help ease your worries by providing the guidance, support, and information you are looking for. Whether you are in the middle of an emotional custody battle, a drawn-out divorce litigation or charged with your second DUI, we are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome. 

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Our Legal Practice Areas

we specialize in these areas of law

Criminal Law &
DUI Defense

Gregory W. Swank is a seasoned criminal attorney with extensive experience in representing clients in State and Federal Courts across Western Pennsylvania. Mr. Swank, together with the lawyers and professional staff in his office, will provide you with aggressive representation together with an honest, well informed, and ongoing assessment of your case so that you can participate in the often complex decision making required to defend and resolve your case.

Grandparent Custody

Family is the most important thing to so many of us, but life can always get in the way of our plans. If you find yourself needing to get custody of a grandchild, niece, or nephew - we can help. Our office has experience in dealing with the sensitive nature of grandparent custody cases and we are eager to assist you and make sure your family is safe and secure as quickly as possible. Don't hesitate to call if you have questions about grandparents' rights. We will guide you through the process with our knowledge and support.

Divorce & Custody

We know that a child is the most precious aspect of a parent’s life. When a situation arises through a divorce, or otherwise, where the custody of your child is at stake, the stress and anxiety of the situation can be debilitating and can affect all other aspects of your life. Our office of experienced child custody lawyers and professionals offers years of experience in successfully resolving child custody cases, running the gamut from the most complex and high conflict cases to cases that resolve themselves through the counsel and guidance of our staff.

Construction Disputes

Our professionals have a wide range of experience not only in the law, but also in other disciplines. From long term experience in business administration and business formation, the construction industry, and experience in the military, to name a few things, our professionals bring practical experience to the litigation of and resolution of disputes and lawsuits.

Personal Injury

Whether you are dealing with a severe injury or complex business case, our lawyers are set up for success. From medical malpractice and auto-accidents to property loss and personal liability- We'll make sure that you get compensated and represented in the best way possible.

Civil Litigation

You may want to consult with a litigation lawyer if you are considering filing a lawsuit. We will help you weight out the best options for success. Our team is familiar with all the necessary procedures, steps, and paperwork. Let's resolve the dispute together- you are in good hands.


"It is a pleasure to work with everyone at this office. Trust is a big concern for me and I can say that I would not need to look any further if I were to need an attorney.
Thank you."
Brent W.
"Greg and his partner Shay were amazing. Kind knowledgeable and professional. I won my case in a breeze. Great rate and they did what they said. I highly recommend this office."
Mrs. Nezbit
"A few years ago, I suffered a great loss at my business. Through a misunderstanding, I was essentially being burdened by someone else's actions, something that happened twenty years prior that I should have not lawfully been accountable for. And due to that, I had no other option than to move forward with a civil suit against the United States. Everything for my case was time-sensitive, and Gregory accomplished everything within the allotted amount of time. He was able to settle my case out of court, in my favor, and had that not happened and if the lawsuit had to be drug out for a year or longer, I would've most likely lost my business. I wouldn't have trusted something as serious as my business and my livelihood with any other attorney. He was always prompt and communicative with me, and even through such a stressful time I was comfortable knowing that I had given the responsibility for something so important to the right person. If I ever have any problems again in the future, especially with my business, I would never use another attorney."
"Greg and his staff were extremely comforting and helpful throughout my case. I could not ask for a better outcome to a case I was sure was going to have a very negative outcome. Greg's services are worth every penny and I would advise anyone looking for an attorney to start with him."